LinCU Limited and The LinCU Card

LinCU Limited is a company that is owned and operated by Credit Unions for Credit Unions with an aim to supply Credit Unions with electronic payment channels. Through a partnership with First Citizens Bank Limited, LinCU Ltd introduced the LinCU ‘Active Card’ which is a Debit Chip Card that provides convenience and safety for card holders to access their funds at anytime and anywhere throughout the world.

The LinCU Card also improves the quality of service to the members of Teachers Credit Union by offering:

  • Fully secured Chip and PIN technology
  • The ability to conduct online transactions locally and abroad
  • The convenience of accessing foreign exchange without visiting a Commercial Bank
  • Up to four (4) co-cards for loved ones at home or abroad
  • The convenience of loading the card by transferring funds via First Citizens Online
  • A line of credit through a Credit Union LinCU Loan
  • The convenience of loading Loans, Deposits, Christmas Club Funds, Dividends and NIS Payments onto the card without visiting the Credit Union
  • Instant rewards with the LinCU Reward Programme
  • Access to your transaction history and card balance via your electronic devices

Teachers Credit Union is a major shareholder of LinCU Ltd. Members with shares of $18,000.00 and over can obtain a free LinCU Card with no annual fees and can access revolving lines of credit ranging from $6,000.00 to $60,000.00 with very low monthly repayments.

LinCU cardholders are also afforded the extra privilege of call-in requests. This facility allows members to call any Teachers Credit Union Office and request transfers to cards without having to visit the Credit Union. Retirees can have NIS and other funds sent directly to the Credit Union for transference to the LinCU Card as a monthly standing order with no cost whatsoever. Members are encouraged to acquire a LinCU card as societies move away from cash transactions.