Teachers Online Banking (TOB)

TOB brings the credit union to you with 24/7 Access (anywhere/anytime). This platform is a secured, interactive and dynamic window into your account information.

TOB is a convenient way to:

  • Perform Balance inquiries on one or all accounts
  • Obtain Quick Statements in one or all accounts
  • Obtain Extended Statements in one or all accounts.
  • Perform loan projection
  • 1.4 Initiate a loan application
  • Enquire on the status of one or several requests
  • Transfer funds quickly between your accounts.
  • Transfer funds quickly to your LinCU card.

Make requests for letters (embassy letters, bank statements, settlement letters, non-indebtedness letters, and any statement required by a professional institution). Have them emailed directly to you or visit any branch and collect.

Sign up today:
https://gia.msd-tt.com/teacherstt/join.php or visit any
of our branches and complete an application form.