The Family Indemnity Plan

Making arrangements for when we pass away is the last thing any of us wants to do. However, death is one of the many things that is totally out of our control. What we can control is the legacy that we leave behind for our families. The Family Indemnity Plan from CUNA Caribbean Insurance is one of the products we offer which is designed to assist in legacy planning.

• One monthly premium covers final expenses for you and up to five eligible
family members
• There are seven coverage options available from as low as $52.80 so you
can choose the one that best fits your needs.
• No medical examination required
• You are eligible to receive the full individual benefit (per person) where
valid claims are made
• You get lifetime insurance coverage once you enroll before age 76

• Your spouse/significant other,
• any other combination of up to two persons from your parents or
parents-in-law (these persons must be enrolled before age 76)
• Your children (including dependent children under your legal guardianship,
aged I through 25 and who are not yet married)
• Children who are permanently disabled are covered for the duration of their
lives once they are enrolled before age 26

• Utility Bill (no older than 3 months) as Proof of Address
• ID’s of all adults to be listed on the policy (National ID, DP, PP, Birth Certificate)
• Marriage certificate where applicable
• Parents/ln-laws — Your birth certificate/ spouse’s birth certificate is required
to show proof of parenthood
• Child — Your child/ children’s birth certificates are required to show proof
of parenthood.
• Child with disabilities — A letter from the child’s physician is required as
proof of the disability, in addition to the child’s birth certificate.

*Conditions apply.