Teachers Credit Union has an open-door policy with no appointment needed in order to educate its members about thrift, savings and the proper use of credit. Much care is exercised to ensure that loans are properly made for members to remain financially secure.

Financial counseling is given freely to ensure that payments are affordable and the timely rescheduling of payments are effected if a member encounters difficulties over which he/she has no control, particularly in cases of illness or family death. Members can expect immediate assistance to:

i) prioritise the use of credit
ii) receive updated statements of their accounts
iii) obtain an Embassy Letter
iv) obtain a LinCU Visa Debit Chip Card
v) participate in the Family Indemnity Plan
vi) secure mortgage support from the Central Finance Facility
vii) make a deposit of gratuity and/or cash inheritance
viii) defer monthly payments as they await their gratuity and pension.