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2019/2020 Education Calendar Competition for Secondary Schools

Each year after 31 st August 2012, the 50th Anniversary of Independence of Trinidad and Tobago, Teachers Credit Union produced an Educational Calendar.

The first calendar, celebrated 12 persons who served as Head of State or Head of Government, between 1962 and 2012. Each month celebrated one of these 12 persons. January of that first calendar was associated with the late Dr. Eric Williams. A photograph of the late Prime Minister appeared on the upper left quarter of the January page, and on the right half there was a summary of the contribution of Dr. Williams to Trinidad & Tobago, with the lower left quarter dealing with the month of January.

The 2018 calendar celebrated 12 persons who during the years 1500 to 1950, made outstanding contributions to Trinidad and Tobago. Students of Secondary schools were invited to identify such persons.

The persons that are celebrated in the 2018 calendar are:

1.Jean Baptiste Phillippe, born 1976, in Trinidad.
2. Alphonso Philbert Theophilus James, born 1908, in Tobago.
3. Dr. Joseph Lennox Pawan, born 1887, in Trinidad.
4. Audrey Lane Jeffers, born 1898, in Trinidad.
5.Fr. Leonard Graf, born 1883, in Germany.
6.James A.A. Biggart, born 1877, in Tobago.
7.Elma Francois, born 1897, in St. Vincent.
8.Albert Gomes, born 1911, in Trinidad.
9.Lord Harris, born 1810, in England.
10.Michel-Jean Cazabon, born 1813, in Trinidad.
11.Dr. Rodney Maingot, born 1893, in Trinidad.
12.Raymond Quevedo (Atilla The Hun), born 1892, in Trinidad.

Teachers Credit Union wishes to celebrate in its 2019 and 2020 calendars another 24 persons who made outstanding contributions to the development of Trinidad and Tobago during the period 1500 to 1950 A.D.

However significant the contribution, if it was made after 1950, it will not be considered. For example, the contributions of the late Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams or of the late President Mr. A.N.R Robinson or of Dr. Rudranath Capildeo will not be entertained as we are dealing only with contributions made
between 1500 and 1950, not contributions made after 1950.

Contributions may include Labour, Credit Unionism, Medicine, Education, Law, Politics, Sport, Religion, Art, Science, Mathematics, Architecture, Engineering or any other field of human endeavour.

The Credit Union wishes to involve the Secondary School Students in developing the calendar. We wish to encourage the students to research the lives of persons who may have contributed to nation building over the 450 years (1500 – 1950), and to submit an original essay (no plagiarism) on one of these persons for use in the calendar. The essay should be between 300 and 500 words. The student should indicate a
source where a drawing or photograph of the person chosen, may be found.

Each of 24 students whose work is selected for inclusion in the 2019 and 2020 calendar will receive a cash prize of $1,250.00.

The student’s work may be edited, but he/she, and the school will be acknowledged in the calendar. Each of the 24 students will receive 25 calendars, and the schools with which they are associated will each receive 100 calendars.

On the last page of the essay the student must print his/her name, school and telephone contact number. The student must ask his/her Principal to affix the school stamp and the Principal’s signature to the student’s submission, thereby indicating that the person submitting the essay is a bona fide student of the school, and that the principal believes the essay is the work of the student.

Entrees must be delivered to any of our offices viz:
(1) 68-72 Maraval Road Newtown Port of Spain
(2) 10 Farah Street San-Fernando
(3) 71 Ojoe Road Sangre Grande 450240
(4) 9 Mc Kay Hill Scarborough Tobago 901028.

Delivery to any of our offices must be no later than 3:00 pm on Friday 2nd November 2018 in an envelope
addressed to


No late entries will be accepted.

This Education Calendar Essay Competition has the approval of the Ministry of Education. Teachers Credit Union thanks all those students who will consider participating in the production of this calendar.

Thank You
Management of Teachers Credit Union